The Difference Between KAPLA and TomTecT

In addition to KAPLA, Tom van der Bruggen (the inventor of KAPLA) has invented another toy named TomTecT. To not get any confusion between these two games we hereby explain you the differences between the two construction toys.

For some part TomTecT is based on the same principles as KAPLA. The games are both made up of a set of identical wooden planks made out of pine and they both are to be used for construction. However the way of constructing with TomTecT is different than with KAPLA.

KAPLA is made for free construction. You are free to build whatever comes to your mind. Building with KAPLA is like sculpting sand. You just have to use your imagination, create, destruct and start all over again… everything is possible with KAPLA. With KAPLA it is not only what you see that is important but also the processes that takes place in your head to come to the construction.

The TomTecT planks are longer and thinner than KAPLA (the TomTecT clips are not adaptable to the KAPLA planks!) Combined with the blue clips this makes them ideal for building light constructions. With TomTecT you work like you are a smith or a glassblower. The building is more technical and precise. The challenge is to imagine your construction beforehand and think ahead while constructing, using different construction techniques. To find out more about TomTecT, please visit the official TomTecT website.