TomTect 190 Piece Set

tomtect-190TomTect is a wooden building game invented by Tom van der Bruggen (the creator of KAPLA).

90 wooden pieces
30 small hinges
30 large hinges
40 double hinges
1 instruction booklet

It combines wooden planks and hinges to create light, elegant and stable structures. It is an intelligent game, created so that children can get used to their motor skills and build in a clever and fast manner and, if they wish, can evolve the designs by changing from one shape to another.

The 190 Box is Tom van der Bruggen’s latest creation presented in a preview showing during the 2016 International Games Festival in Canne

Monuments, animals, instruments, shapes… TomTect is an infinite source of creativity which develops imagination, motor and thinking skills, concentration and spatial awareness.

TomTect is aimed at children 5+ and has no age limit. It is recommended for children, teenagers, students who study architecture or art design, and don’t forget, parents too!

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