Official Guinness World Record for tallest tower made from wooden toy blocks!

On May 13 and 14th 2016, the KAPLA Lyon Centre set a world record for the Tallest tower made from wooden toy blocks at the recreation and climbing hall Azium located in Lyon, France. Wow!

The tower was designed and built by the KAPLA Lyon Center. It took 16 hours to build and used 9,384 KAPLA planks. It is 18.40 meters (60 feet 4.41 inches) high!

The structure was built next to the climbing wall in the Azium leisure centre. Frédéric Martin (who designed the block tower) and his team took turns ascending the climbing wall in order to carefully assemble each level of the tower.

See the information on the Guiness World Records website

Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Anna Orford was on hand to measure and verify the brand new record.
The record-breaking tower was on display for two days. It was then taken down so that the blocks could be reused.